the only outdoor display designed exclusively with
professional components and technologies suited to
perfectly respond to maritime requirements

the best viewing experiencewherever and whenever you want


Seamless design, rounded corners and minimized thickness are developed to provide an aesthetically flawless object that performs at the highest levels.
Perfect combination of design, technology and Made in Italy aesthetics: the product is the result of a design and technological study entirely made in Italy, with the characteristic value added through contamination with the fashion system. OuTV is infact designed as it was a fashion accessory, with high customization in a wide range of colors and finishings.


The sophisticated LG professional technology applied to the product allows it to offer highest level solutions.
IPS technology ensures visibility of crystal clear images without any hot spot or blackening defect, ensuring high performance until 110° C.
A temperature control system adjusts the monitor to light and heat correcting dark or blackened areas.


Even the optical part represents the top of the range in the whole world with its LED dark matte panel.

Perfect viewing under direct sunlight with anti-reflective glass, which limits reflection to 0.5%, and with a Super High Brightness display.


The integrated HDBaseT technology allows you to use a single cable for video signal and communication. The cable can support bidirectional signals up to 4K/3D, RS232/IR signals and Ethernet up to 170 mt away from the monitor without external signal and control extenders.


Intelligent automatic temperature control optimizes heat dissipation and dramatically reduces noise emission by using a sophisticated ventilation system: internal temperature is detected by a sensors network and the microprocessor board constantly adjust fans operativity.


OUTV is carved from a single aluminum block, this solution allows lightness as it is not reachable by any other material. The shell ensures the highest levels of external protection with a special anti-corrosive treatment, specifically conceived for the extreme climatic conditions of nautical environment, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

IP grade
66 front / 56 back

TNi 110° C

IPS and no reflection treatment

Extra-Slim: 75mm thickness

Aluminum Construction

24/7 Operativity

integrated HDBaseT technology

powered by LG professional

You can find LG Professional and IPS technologies only on the LY Series displays